Tulach Ard Burns Supper, February 1, 2003

Highland Dance Boston performed several dances at the Tulach Ard Burns Supper that was held February 1, 2003 at the Newton Marriott Hotel:
The Sailor's Hornpipe, The Argylle Broadswords, Seann Triubhas, Miss Forbes, Strathspey & Half Reel of Tulloch, Tribute to J.L.MacKenzie, and Bonnie Dundee. We also choreographed a dance to a Medley of tunes that Tulach Ard played.

The Sailor's Hornpipe (Laura Cortese on Fiddle)

Shuffle O'er the Buckle

Lindsay: Diagonal Travel

Robert: Pumping

Jen: Sailor's Buckle


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The Argylle Broadswords (with Tulach Ard)

Sword Salute

Addressing the Swords

Pas de Basque in Circle


Grace, Ally, Jullie, Laura

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Selection of Dances (with Phil Ferguson on highland pipes)

Seann Triubhas


Miss Forbes

Ally, Jen, Abbie, Margaret

Strathspey & Half Reel of Tulloch

Tribute to J.L. MacKenzie


Bonnie Dundee

Laura, Abbie, Margaret, Lindsay, Robert, Jen

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The Medley (with Tulach Ard)

Karen & Lindsay

Crossed Reels of Four

Last Step


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