Alasdair Fraser Concert, September 19, 2003

Highland Dance Boston performed several dances at the Alasdair Fraser Concert that was held in the Concord City Auditorium on September 19, 2003 as part of the New Hampshire Highland Games:
Tribute to J.L.MacKenzie, Blue Bonnets, Broadswords, Bonnie Dundee, Cape Breton Step, and Sailor's Hornpipe.

Tribute to J.L.MacKenzie

Phil (bagpipes), Lisa, Abbie, Karen, and Jen

Blue Bonnets

Lindsay and Robert

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Ally, Gregor, Nicola, and Bruce

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Bonnie Dundee

Phil (bagpipes) and Robert

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Cape Breton Step

Alasdair (fiddle), Margaret, Jen, and Abbie

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Sailor's Hornpipe

Karen, Lisa, Nicola, Robert, Alasdair (back-turned), Lindsay

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