RSCDS Boston Branch Concert, November 13, 2004

Highland Dance Boston performed three dances at the concert put on by the Boston Branch of the RSCDS that was held at the Museum of our National Heritage in Lexington, MA. Two of these were dances that we choreographed: Riptide and Shadow & Thought. Riptide combined movements from jazz and highland dance and was set to a medley of tunes on Halali's 2003 recording. Shadow & Thought combined movements from modern and country dance and was set to the tunes A Shadow & A Thought and Lightnin' Bug that were written and performed by Hanneke Cassel on her recording, Some Melodious Sonnet. The third dance was a hard shoe dance choreographed by Judy Erickson, and set to the pipe tune, Little Cascade.

Jen, Robert, and Lindsay in Shadow & Thought

Jen, Judy, Robert, and Lindsay in Little Cascade