SRSNH Gala Concert, November 27, 2005

Highland Dance Boston performed several dances at the Strathspey & Reel Society of New Hampshire Gala Concert that was held in the Concord City Auditorium on November 27, 2005:
Dancing Fingers, Seann Triubhas, and Eyemouth Harbour.
Thanks to Evelyn Roberts for the great photos!

Dancing Fingers

Performed by Carolyn, Gregor, Lindsay, and Robert. Dance devised by Robert; tunes written & performed by Muriel Johnstone.

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Seann Triubhas

Arranged and performed by Carolyn, Gregor, Lindsay, and Robert. Accompanied by Lezlie Webster, bagpipes.

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Eyemouth Harbour

Performed by Lindsay and Robert. Dance devised in 1988 by Robert with Pat MacPherson; tune written and performed by Muriel Johnstone.